How Much Will a Boob Job Cost?

Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery Costs

Every woman wants to look good on the outside and feel nice on the inside. Both the beauty and medical industry have created and developed products, services, and procedures which feed women’s needs and wants. From cosmetic products, shoes and clothes retail, facials, to extreme aesthetic surgical procedures, science and technology is more than able to meet the ever changing demands of women. One of the most in-demand services among majority of females nowadays is breast augmentation or boob job. It is a surgical procedure implemented to increase the size and lift of a woman’s breasts. To sum it all up, it’s for those women who want to have bigger and better breasts.

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Women’s fascination of having bigger boobs come from the fact that society dictates that well-endowed women are more attractive and beautiful. Television shows and movies which showcase big breasted celebrities have increased the need and want of average ladies to undergo boob jobs. Philandering partners and husbands also have made boob job quite the hot service that is today. It sounds a little bit superficial, but most boob job procedures are done to fill a woman’s need for attention and increased self-esteem. Women who have undergone boob jobs however, should not be at fault for wanting to have surgically-enhanced breasts. The choices that women make are theirs to keep and should not be viewed negatively.

However this is the case, extreme caution should always be kept in mind for those women who are planning to undergo breast augmentation.  The ultimate question when it comes to boob jobs, aside from the willingness of a lady to undergo such a treatment is the cost. Here are some questions which you might want to ask yourself when it comes to the price which you have to pay for a boob job procedure.


There’s no such thing as a free boob job. It’s an invasive surgical procedure which requires the service of licensed and board certified surgeons. There’s also no such thing as cheap breast augmentation procedure. Aside from the pain that you have to endure while recovering from the operation, you need to shell out a considerable amount of money to get a good breast augmentation result.

Boob job costs depend on a handful of factors. However these are two major factors which you need to consider before you can calculate the cost of undergoing a breast augmentation procedure:


Cosmetic surgeons are doctors who handle breast augmentation procedures. Reasons for getting a boob job done may vary from one woman to another, but they basically undergo the same type of operation. Depending on the surgeon’s level of expertise and experience, boob jobs come with a $2000 to a whopping $20,000 price tag. These amounts tell us of one thing: it really isn’t cheap to be a woman. If you are willing to risk it, you may however go to less seasoned surgeons and pay for half the price. But who wants a boob job operation to go bad? If you’re seriously considering a boob job operation in the near future, it is quite sensible to look for a clinic or a hospital which has the best breast augmentation surgeons. They may charge you handsomely for their services, but the long-term satisfaction, the increased self-esteem, and all the compliments are benefits that are too darn hard to resist. It is highly recommended to window shop for doctors’ service fees before you seek consultation. Most doctors will promote and market their services as the cheapest and most affordable service there is. However most of the time, these boob job discount offers come with hidden charges and fees as well. You may not be lucky and be under the care of an inexperienced surgeon. Choose wisely and ask friends and family who have undergone boob jobs to refer you to their breast augmentation surgeons.



There are basically two types of breast implants: silicone and saline. They both serve the same purpose and are shaped according to a woman’s breasts. The only difference lies in the composition for each type of implant. A silicone breast implant is made of silicone gel and is more expensive than saline implants. Recent technology has facilitated the development of silicone implants which is less prone to tearing and spillage. Saline implants on the other hand are far cheaper since their composition is simpler than silicone gel.

There are benefits and drawbacks for both silica and saline implants. However silicone breast implants are highly recommended by surgeons as they are more firm and is far more resistant to the force of gravity.

Furthermore, the size of the breast implant dictates the price that you have to pay as well. If you’re all for really big breasts, you may have to shell out more since your surgeon will be using 2000cc and above implants.

Women on budget may consider choosing saline implants due to financial restraints. One of the best tips to follow if you’re really intent on getting a boob job is to save up before you start on the planning phase. Don’t skimp on such a procedure as breast implant quality contributes to the feel, appearance, and symmetry of your breasts after the breast augmentation procedure.

The cost of boob jobs is undeniably high. If you feel that you really need to proceed such an operation, it is best that you save up from $8,000- $10,000. It’s an invasive procedure and the least that you want to get from it is a complication from undergoing the operation. Choose the best surgeon and breast implant option before going ahead with your operation. Ensure that your health and well being is taken cared of so you won’t regret that you saved and spent your hard-earned money on a boob job operation gone bad.